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May 29, 2008


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I would actually like to know if you sale these purses or if there is somewhere I can buy one, Im not really good with sewing can only duct tape things well lol.

homes for sale costa rica

I heard the same things, and I also heard the specifics you mention backed up by the broader spectrum of statements about the value Oracle sees in what they are acquiring in Sun, including Sun's open source software. that`s right!!!


$ 40.32

Ashley Lundvall

I have to make one of these bags for Em. She is just in love with juice pouches. You have inspired me to drag out my sewing machine..I haven't had it out for quite a while.


I love the recycling

Amber D.


jo 戎嶋

I have no idea how much fabric costs over there, here it is quite expensive.



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