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June 28, 2008


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Thanks for the ideas for organizing my home, I've always struggled with keeping my house clean. One thing that I've started to do in attempts to clean up and stay safe is hire a mobile document shredding service from http://www.opsus.com/onsite-shredding.xml. They come pick up any old papers and shred them for me, they even recycle!


Fantastic! I love the flat sorter, there will be one in my kitchen cabinet soon!!! I have wanted to do a binder for a while but just couldn't pull the details together, thanks for the inspiration. Any other organizational ideas you have floating around are always welcome, and the Montessori posts are such a great resource, thanks for sharing!


some serious organizational inspiration! I'm always striving to be more organized (and usually failing miserably). I love the "idea binder."

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