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June 13, 2008


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Thank you so much :) New materials are always welcome in our home.

amy smull

This is my third year teaching. I have desperately been looking for ideas and guidance. I feel your sight provides just that. I have already made a new language set and love it. I would love to know what you do about documentaion and observations/record keeping.
Thank you !!!!


Thank you so much for sharing with us your work. It really helps by saving time looking for the pictures. Thank you for your generosity. Love all the work you've done and the time and effort you put it. Thank you so much once again!


You are a wonderful woman and a great inspiration to me!! Thank you for all your great work that you do for the children in your classroom and also for all this interesting information you share with us.


Thank you SO much for all the work you're doing. You're a big inspiration to me as well as a HUGE help!!! I'm starting to introduce my nearly 5yo daughter to lower-case cursive and have modified your wonderful work to suit what we are doing, what a blessing. I especially like that the kids can begin to form words after learning just 8 strategic letters. A great thing when the kids are a little older when they get their start.


This is very nice, I am wondering if this a change from the pink green and blue boxes with montessori and why are the colors different ? The graphics are very very realistic in the green it makes it much more appealing.


Thank you so much for the time you are preparing for your fall arrival into Montessori once again. I am taking this whole year off with our newborn to prepare for our (then 5 and 4 year old) daughters to come home from Montessori to continue with homeschooling; Fall 2009. I love your Work and Downloads! I am so inspired!


I would love to have a copy too! My language area needs some serious revitalization! Thanks for sharing!


I have posted a Help ticket with Typepad, so hopefully I will soon learn how to embed a link to a document download within the body of my posts.


How generous of you! I would love to have a copy! And if you can figure out how to post to your blog please let me know because I would love to be able to share with others as well!

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