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July 11, 2008


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childrens bookcase

You did a great job! I think it turned out very organized. I think I should do some cleaning up too. We have a children bookcase and it all cluttered and dusty. It’s begging for my attention. Haha! I was able to get some useful organizing tips form you. Thank you for sharing your organizing experience with us! I am very happy that I came across your blog, at least I know where I should start. Hope you continue sharing more interesting blogs with us; I would love to come back here and read your other blogs when I have time.


We just organized our books and already my daughter has a better sense of where to find things. I'm curious, as a follow up, how well did this system work for your kids in the long run?


If you REALLY want to get serious, check out this homeschooling book organization system highlighted at Preschoolers and Peace.


Julie K in Taiwan

Good for you! So far all our books fit into one spot, with lots of supplementing from the library. I've been trying to motivate myself to catalogue them on http://www.goodreads.com so that faraway grandparents can easily know which books we have, which series we like, etc.

Amy @ Let's Explore

You are awesome! We have so, so many books around here too. Actually, many of my books are still in tubs in the garage, and I try to rotate them through the house as much as I can. I like to keep my non-fiction books separated too. I haven't gone as far as color-coding, though -- but now I am SO tempted! :)


I did something just like this (the colored dots) when my classroom had a few hundred books, like you. That was 28 years ago and now I have literally thousands of books! It was starting to get very hard to find a specific book I knew I had, so I decided to number them and put them in a database. I had categories, like you do, but more of them. I chose a letter for each category, like "B" for Birds, then a number: B.1, B.2 etc. This was fine for awhile, but there were so many books, I never really got them all onto the computer, and each school year we were adding more and more books, I couldn't keep up with it all. Every time I would go to work on the database, I'd find that somehow 2 books got the name number, or books were missing so those numbers were free, books weren't getting put back where they belonged (it was a staff member's job to put away books each week, but I never found one who could actually numerate and find the correct letter). So it was a constant never ending battle, and I never got past about "I" in the database (Insects). So now I'm revamping once again - I have boxes and boxes of new books waiting to find a spot on an already overflowing set of bookcases. So I started at the beginning again, and revamped my categories to have sub-categories for easier finding, and no numbers because books never get put back in the right numerical spot anyway. So "A" (Assorted animals-animals that can't be put into a specific grouping such as "mammals") is now sub-categorized into A.African A.Facts A.Stories A.Australia A.Habitats A.Jungle etc. Each of the sub-categories is small enough that if I wanted a book about the animals that live in the rain forest, it is easy enough to just quickly look through the A.Jungle books. I am hoping this will make putting books away much easier for the designated person, who only has to shove it into the correct subcategory, somewhere. I am also throwing (giving away) tons of books I would never read to the class, that I haven't chosen for the last ten years, or that are way too old for the children, Also books that I have more than 2 of (I have 2 classrooms, I will never need more than 2 of one book) This is giving me lots of room to add new books to. Almost every Robert Munch book is gone, There are a few a like, but most cause too much disruption in a classroom situation. The silly/crazy books are gone, colorful over-stimulating books with no redeeming factor are gone, many of these donated by a parent on their child's birthday. I've gotten much more specific in the kind of book parents should donate, but even then I still get totally inappropriate books. There was a time I wouldn't get rid of a book just because it was donated, but now that I have such limited shelf space, I've just can't afford to use it on books I will never read to the children again.

Good for you for getting a good start on organizing your books. It will be a lot easier to put your hands on a specific book in a hurry!



I love the system. Glad you gave the info about contact paper. We move on Monday and I plan on doing it with ours (although our 2 little ones are both under three so we don't have that many genres yet).


I love the color coding system. Luckily, we don't have 443 books yet, so I could probably do this pretty easily at this point. I would love to be this organized. But I probably would've said a few choice words when I realized the colored dots weren't going to stay on! :)


You're embracing your inner librarian! Way to go! The only thing I think I would add is a reshelving area. A place where you can stack the books you use during the day so they are reshelved correctly later on.


Great job! I have all of our Christmas books in storage, too. I get them out the day after Thanksgiving, and they go back into the closet on New Year's Eve. Its fun becuase they are new every year!


I rotate our childrens books so not all of them are out at once. I try to change them once a week and keep some we haven't read many times out, along with some favourites. Plus we hit the library regularly too. Otherwise we drown in childrens books in our small house!


I really like the color coded system...we did it at our school..but I never really thought about it for home....now, we are coming into alot of books at our house...a little organization never hurts anyone:)


Wow! That is a lot of books :-) We do not have that many so it should not be so difficult to sort. Thank you for sharing your system with us.

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