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July 01, 2008


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I do the same thing.

I started a notebook, but after two days of writing down long URL's I switched to a DIGITAL notebook....Microsoft Word. I have a word document for each category like a section in your notebook (so a file named "montessori," "crafts," etc.,). When I find an idea I like I just open my word document (the montessori one just gets left open at the bottom of my screen), write a little heading, and then copy and past the URL into the document.

I JUST did one that said:

Freezer paper stencils

Anyway, just trying to save your hand from cramping.

An added bonus is that the web address can be clicked on right from the word file to open the page you want to reread in your browser.

I too have just started using google reader, but I collect HUNDREDS of these little ideas and I just don't know how it would handle that.


I used Dylon fabric paint in a little pot which you paint on. I used it on black and it was very opaque - it worked well and has washed lots of times and still looks good.

Amber D.

I had never heard of the freezer paper stencil thing until I spoke with you last night. I was excited to see when I got my new issue of Family Fun magazine today they had a little thing about how to do it. They just say use fabric paint and they are using white t shirts in their example, so that is not really much help!


Hey Laura!

I use google reader too! When I find something I want to keep track of I just click on the share button on the bottom of each blog entry in the reader. It then "puts" it in my list and I can refer back to my sharred items whenever. It also puts them in a box, to the right side of my blog so you can check it out! Works great and It is great for me to fly through when I need a new idea or am trying to remember something!


Hmmm... I have no idea on the fabric paint thing. I think I probably have the same paint as you that I purchased to do this project but I have not as yet found the time. If I remember correctly, Amanda from Soulemama uses the fabric paint from Dharma, but that's not going to help you today!

Good idea about the blog diary. I just bookmark everything into my "crafting" folder of Firefox. Unfortunately, my "crafting" folder is obscenely large and I can never find anything. Since subscribing to the RSS feeds, I have been flagging the posts that interest me in Outlook, so maybe that will help some in the future. Because then I will just be able to do a keyword search in Outlook to find what I'm looking for. Your way is better organized though!

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