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July 04, 2008


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Good luck! Im sure they will turn out cute with the freezer paper technique. It works really well.
Let me know!

To: directress@live.com


Thanks for the tutorial!! Ive been looking for an easy way to stencil two "big sister" shirts and one onesie with either "little sister" or "little brother" for when my third child is born hopefully I can get this to work. I'm not that good with paint (read here that last time I tried to paint something it ended up looking pretty bad and my girls and me ended up covered in paint) so we shall see! My girls would have to have special shirts for the new arrivals big day! Now to find the stencils, make them and then try to convince the girls they can have the same picture on all shirts... or I'm going to have to find a picture with monkeys, Minnie and whatever my oldest decides the baby "loves".


I just made a shirt with your tutorial for my little guy's 3rd birthday! I could not find a fire truck birthday shirt anywhere, so I made one! Thanks for the great tutorial, it worked perfectly!


I FINALLY found freezer paper after searching for more than a month! I can't wait to get started on this :) Thanks for the tutorial!


I love your shirts!!! I am going to try and do some for my niece for her birthday. The girl has everything and we were struggling for a present idea- so thank you for solving our problem!

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