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July 25, 2008


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Do you have a tutorial or know where to find one for the pouches?

Your work is very beautiful!

Linda Cameron

MUST make the geometric solids mystery bag, and I have cards for the Geometry Cabinet that need a pouch! Never thought of cards for the solids! Another way to play the game with the mystery bag by oneself would be to have cards of the solids for the child to choose from, then find that solid.

We play a game that all the children LOVE with the solids. It's a 3 or more person game and usually needs an adult to sit with them. The solids are placed on the mat, and covered with a blue cloth. Then we wave our hands over the hidden solids and say (quietly but with passion)"Abracadabra, Sis Boom Bam - Geometric Solids, won't you SCRAM!" (one of my teachers made up this poem years ago)Then a child pulls out one solid, covered with the cloth. The others need to guess which solid was removed by looking at what is left. The children take turns clockwise, rather than letting the one who guessed have the next turn. The teacher can decide which solids will be in the game by which children are playing. You need to make sure that the child who pulls the solid isn't wrapping the cloth around the solid, because then the others can see the shape of the solid! Not only do they learn the names of the solids quickly, but they also learn the words "Geometric Solids" quickly!

Linda Cameron

Love the pouches, especially the one you had so much trouble with. Inspired! I'm making sound bags right now, in the colours of the rainbow. They are a lot of work, but will last a long time, and be beautiful.

Amy @ Let's Explore

I love your mystery bag/basket! I think I should make one of those for the girls' preschool. :)



I'm really enjoying your blog, by the way.

Can you tell me more about the thinking behind using pouches for the cards. They're beautiful, but they're a lot of work. I've been using a cabinet of drawers like you would store nuts and bolts. It's functional and organized, but it's not nearly as nice as your pouches. Also, how do you store the pouches? And do you always choose fabric that clearly indicates what's inside? That may not always be possible.


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