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August 01, 2008


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I love your ideas and wish my kids could be in your class. I'll just try to copy you at home since we live a little far from you. My question has possibly already addressed and I missed it. Where did you get your continent outlines? I like it that they're less detailed and more the basic shape than what I have run across. Thank you and thank you for your efforts to those lucky families.

Judith Blackmon

Love this idea and I agree that yong students need to begin learning geography. I was wondering do you have a copy of the patterns or do you know where I could get a set? I will be honest I am not a very good artist.Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Judith Blackmon

Thulani janindra

What is the circle width size?


That is a great variation. Thanks forcommenting.
Take care,

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To add an extra step for my older kids, I only cut out the correct color squares. They trace the continent on their own and then punch. It's been amazing to watch.

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there are 7 continents North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Antarctica and Australasia...


Ijust reread my post to try to determine what gave you the idea that I did not realize there are seven continents because I certainly do know that. I cant figure out what made you think that. Feel free to email me back with the specific words from the post that were not clear to you. Id appreciate it. I certainly would notwant others to conclude whatyou did. Thanks for your comment.

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S. S.

If you are a teacher,then you should know there are seven continents in the world. North Pole is not a continent,and North and South America are two separate continents. When in doubt, google it.


Hello. Can you pin punch well using construction paper? We have always used card stock, which gets $$$.

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Julie  Wilson


I am abit confused with the continents, you have not mentioned the North Pole. Which Continent does this place fit in? Also I thought North and South America was counted as one continent is this not true?
Please answer my questions if possible. Julie

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this sounds so good. i want to do this.


At what age do you introduce pin punching? It sounds great, but I wonder if O is too young (24 months). What do you think?


I do the same continent work and I always prepare the pre-traced continents. But for some reason I keep them in baggies on my shelf (high up)...DUH!!! I don't know why I never thought to put them on the shelf so the child can choose and punch independently. Thanks for the wake up call!

Linda Cameron

We use the small regular size push pins and they work just fine! I have a tack punch #1 set on my PL shelf, a pre-requisite for tack punching a shape. I made a small (probably 3X5"?) page of circles, and the children place this on a mat, and they have a box of coloured tacks, enough of one colour to fill a row down (so 5-6 colours I think). The child simple pushed the tack into the centre of the circle, and leaves it there. When they are finished pushing all their tacks in, they remove them, and take the paper home.

We also have a continent song, but it goes like this:
"continents, continents,do you know your continents,
north and south, east and west, and all around the world.

Asia, Africa, North and South America,
Australia, Antarctica and Europe as well"

The only problem is that they aren't actually saying North America.


I love the Geography area. I have been working now on the area for the fall. I love recreating the globe bit by bit. Do you have them glue their blue circles on a large piece of construction paper & store it?? So when they are ready to move ahead they can find their globe & continue. I got an idea from Montessori for Everyone...I painted a box for each continent containing the punching, 3 part cards, & some small cultural items that the children can explore. Visually on the shelf it's attractive & I can't wait to see how the children will use it.
Thanks again for great ideas!!!

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