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August 02, 2008


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healthy lifestyle in the family starts at parents and children will follow.


Fudoo boards are great! If you didn't know, they are sold at this great store called Arts & Minds on 145th and W. Center Rd, in the Harvey Oaks Shopping Plaza. They also have those Melissa and Doug chore charts that work really well with the Fudoo board and get kids excited about being healthy and responsible!


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The Montessori School my daugher attends gives us a shopping list when it is our snack week. I LOVE THIS. I hate to have to think of snacks for everyone. She basically gives us the menu on what they plan to eaat for the 5 days and then a shopping list. (5 green apples, 1 block of cheddar cheese, 1 small bag baby carrots, blah, blah) It has taught me and has exposed my daughter to many great healthy snacks that I would just not have come up with.

Linda Cameron

We have parents bring snacks 4 days a week, allow 2 food groups, and don't allow (I will send them back) high sugar cupcakes, cookies, rice krispie sqaures, donuts, candy etc. I love the colour coding idea, it would work with the parents too, who think that fruits are one food group and veggies another! I think I will make up a chart of my own, with velcro circles so the child can "post" his 2 food goups. Thanks for the idea!

Mary Beth

Great idea. I hope it works. I think it's easy for parents to get sucked into the mainstream notion that all children eat packaged "grey" foods and that that's all we have time for. Maybe you'll cause a paradigm shift!

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