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August 09, 2008


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Any suggestions for organizing the long construction paper? I also stack it horizontally which I do not find very effecient.

Linda Cameron

On my art shelf I have 4 small trays, each with a wet sponge and a pencil. The children take one to their table with every art activity. The sponge is for cleaning up afterwards, and I encourage them to write their names first, on the back of their creation.


My son will be attending a Montessori School this Fall. At his school parents volunteer to help get the school ready for the start of the year. While volunteering this past weekend my sons teacher wondered if we had any ideas on how to store the construction paper.
Great Timing!
I sent her this blog post and she signed up for e-mails!
Thank you for sharing with us all you do for your class.


I really like how you have organised your art supplies. Thank you for sharing, you've given me some great ideas that I can put in to my class :). In our creative area each child has a tiny drawer/box which contains strips of paper with their names printed on. Once the child has finished his creative work, s/he will get their name and stick it on with some tape. It works good for developing their independence and allowing them to complete the cycle of work without an adults help.


FYI - the link to your cutting work goes back to the glue bottle. :)


You can also buy the tap caps from Discount School Supplies and attach them to regular glue bottles. http://www.discountschoolsupply.com/Product/ProductDetail.aspx?product=3359&keyword=tap%20caps

If you are not familiar with DSS it has tons of stuff at really good prices. They recently added a Montessori section!

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