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August 19, 2008


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What a fantastic idea...so clever and "Why didn't I think of that"
Thanks for sharing!


I LOVE the Parent Helper Bags! This year I will be on my own, no assistant, so this will be a wonderful help! Parents are always asking to help in some way. I love the giving tree too, just have to figure out how to adapt to my class.

It was fun to see you adopting my idea about the necklaces! I think you will like it. Just be sure to tie the necklaces in several knots very tightly or the gimp will kind of relax out of the knot.


where do you live again? i want to move there.

there's one montessori school in this area and it's 45 minutes from us. i believe it only goes through kindergarten. i can't tell you how bummed i am by that.

i'm thinking of doing it myself. not sure what i'm getting myself into here...

you're doing a great job, laura. i love coming to your blog.

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