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August 28, 2008


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Love both songs (bakery & pizza). I plan on using both this year, but changing the amount the kids must pay each time for the pizza. For example...Along comes ________with a dollar to pay....Along comes______ with a quarter to pay. I would have the kids pick the amount of money they need for the pizza.

Althea Moret

In my class we sing the Colour Song. Everyone is seated and we do a quick check and point out who is wearing which color (check socks,laces and hairbands even)
"Red,red is the colour I see. If you're wearing red then show it to me. Stand up and turn around. Show me your red and then sit down"
It encourages the little ones to pay attention to colors. 1 rule is 'be your own boss and only check your own clothing' No shouting out who's wearing what keeps them focussed on themselves. They take turns choosing colors to call for.


I use this song too, but we say donuts! It's a great transition song! Here's another one I found using 'pizza' shapes!! (check out the printable pizza's at www.kidssoup.com) I just add the number of children in the class! Have fun!

Five Little Pizzas in the Pizza Shop

(Adapted from "Five Little Cookies in the Bakery Shop")

Five little pizzas in the pizza shop,
Smell so delicious with cheese on top.
Along comes (child's name) with a dollar to pay.
He/she buys a (shape) pizza and takes it away.


Hi, Monica. I think it would work with that tune, although the one I sing is different. Maybe Ill get brave and do a video of me singing it. Dont hold your breath though! I only like to sing with kids!

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When I read your lyrics to the Bakery song, the tune of On Top of Old Smokey/On Top Of Spaghetti came to mind...Maybe I will sing it to that tune. Thanks!!!!


Youre welcome, Sally. Im glad you are enjoying the blog. Thanks so much for writing!

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I have just opened my new school, this song will be a real treat. Thank you for such a wonderful blog and great advice.


That is an awesome idea! Thanks so much for the suggestion.I LOVE IT!

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Hi, Taylor. I made these about 12 years ago and do not know where I got the template I used. However, I am going to be posting something next week with a link to a cupcake template, so hopefullyyoull be able to use that.
Take care,

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You could give each child a coin and have them put the coin in a jar as they pick their muffin.


Where did you get the cute little muffin printables?


I sing a slightly different version of this song with my class for Valentine's Day: "Five little hearts in the bakery shop, you know the kind with the honey and the sugar on top! Along came a boy/girl with a penny to pay, and he/she grabbed that heart and ran away!"
I love the idea of using the kids names and the props for the game. I'm definitely going to use the muffins for September and adapt the song for different seasons and holidays, using hearts, pumpkins etc.

Thanks Laura! I Love your blog :)


That's a cute game! :)


The english version is 5 currant buns in a bakers shop..... do you know it? I think it would fit!

One that i do with my music group is "can you do what I do? ". The song goes

Can you do what I do, I do, I do
Can you do what I do, just like me?

I can (shake my head, touch my nose, jump up and down etc),Everyone echoes - I can shake my head, I can ---, (echo I can ---), i can --- (I can ---) I can --- (I can ---)

Each child in the circle makes an action and every-one else copies. It can go on for a few verses! 4 children get a go for each verse.

It's very popular but I probably haven't explained it very well!!! I think it is from a kodaly activity book.


Just a thought for anyone who wants to sing this...the meter is right to go with the tune of "Five Little Ducks Went Out to Play."

What fun!

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