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September 03, 2008


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Angela from London England

I'm in love with your 'my montessori journey' I think you should be awarded for your efforts. I've been teaching 15 years and you are just fabulous with your energy and enthusiasm and your wonderful activities.


I am glad you posted this b/c Jade was telling me about it on the way home today. Thanks he was so excited when I just sang it to him.


Very cute! I do one like that for A-f-r-i-c-a -there was a man who heard a lion, and he lived in Africa, A-f-r-i-c-a (etc) we just clap when we leave out a letter.


I love this time of year...even if I live in the desert. Here's some great PL activities to go with apples. There is apple juice pouring..small cup & small pitcher on shelf with a little shaker of cinnamon sugar. Cinnamon grinding..small grater, sticks of cinnamon, & a bowl to put the finished product.
Here's a goodwebsite for apple stuff:


I love this! Ok, you've finally convinced me...I'm signing up for Kidssoup!


Do you sing Ay pee pee el ee, or ah puh puh ul eh? Actually same question for the name of the snack maker!!!! Do you teach the name of the letter at the same time as the phonic? I get confused about this....... must be a bear of very little brain!!!!

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