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October 23, 2008


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Sandwich in Wi

My very favorite way to color this dough (and the cheapest, too!) is to add a package of koolaid powder (the unsweetened kind) They range from 10 cents/pack on sale to maybe 30 cents full price. Generic brand works fine too. Added bonus is you get scented playdough! This makes wonderful, rich colors. I stir the packet into the water/oil before adding to the dry ingredients. Just don't buy the dye free koolaid!

For the person who asked about white playdough, just use white flour and don't add any coloring!


Just curious, could you use kool aid to dye this dough? I saw that on another recipe somewhere and think it's a great idea to get cute colors and yummy smells :)


Awesome! I am going to post something about a new playdough project soon!

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Just made this yet again with my girls. Thanks!


Linked back to you in this post:

Kate @ the wooden spoon

Love it! Just made a batch of "apple pie" play dough for my kindergarten class. They'll be thrilled! Great recipe - thanks for sharing.


Great post. I like all the creative things you add for each month. I've linked to
your post here:


We LOVE playdoh here! Thanks for the recipe. I was just asking someone about this the other day. :)


Im so glad you liked the playdough post. Staytuned. I have an idea for a new fall playdough idea coming soon to a blog near you!

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This is great. I can't wait to try it with my 3 kids, 2 1/2 year and 20 month old twins. We just used playdough for the first time last week and I think it went over well. We will definitely try it again as well as your suggestions for dough of the month club!

Joyful Mama

Hi Laura! Just to say that I made this recipe for the umpteenth time today and it is still a hit! Please come visit at http://joyfulmamasplace.blogspot.com/2010/09/playdough-cupcakes.html to see how we used it. Love from South Africa!


Several drops of red food coloring. I just keep adding until I get the hue I want. An electric wok is a good idea!
Thanks for writing!

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Bette Vaughan

I make all my own play doh in the classroom and let the children help. I use an electric wok. It works great and doh doesn't stick. My question is how did you get it so red?


Thanks for writing, Abbie. Im glad you liked it. Its a great recipe. I made some for VBS this week.
Take care,

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Great ! Im glad you liked it.

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Found this recipe over at Counting Coconuts, she linked you and we tried it today. My two year old daughter was able to help me make it and she loved that. We didn't have it stick to the pot at all. I did make the mistake of thinking she would be able to play with it right away and she kept telling me it was too hot. She got frustrated after a little bit and told me she would play with it later! HA!
Thanks for the great recipe.


just made this for the fist time. I'll be making it again and again. Thank you so much!


Homemade playdough is the best. Glad you are enjoying the recipe.
Take care and thanks for writing!

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Thanks for sharing! I've been looking for one. I have 5 boys 10,9,7,3 and 1. We LOVE making stuff. Thid play dough is perfect because it will allow me to work with my older ones in the kitchen and we can ALL play with the dough once its ready. My oldest loves Ace of Cakes and I've been telling him we can make some '' play '' cakes with this dough. I can't wait!


I dont know. Mine is always firm enough to holdshapes. I guess if you increased the amount of flour a bit that might help.

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Hi Laura,

Made a new batch, with COT, this time!
It's wonderfully soft and pliable, I was just wondering - is there a way to make it firmer, so that it can take and hold shapes better?



Hi again Laura,

Got the COT so I shall be making a new batch, with it, this time! Let's hope it turns out well.
Thanks for the tip about adding more flour to the previous batch. Will do!

Bye for now,


I would definitely add more flour. Cream of tartar is a powder, so replacing it with a liquid would make the outcome more sticky. Another thing you can substitute for COT if you find it is called alum or granulated alum. It works very welltoo.
Thanks for writing!

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Hi Laura,

Have been hunting up Montessori blogs in the last few days and loved yours. It's so nice to have moms blogging this way.

I made a batch of Playdough yesterday but replaced the Cream of Tartar with vinegar. Can't find COT around here and will need to go to a main market to get it. (I'm in Bombay). It turned out quite ok, let's see how it lasts!

It does seem quite sticky though, do you think adding some more flour now will do the trick?

Do you have any other suggestions instead of Cream of Tartar?

Thanks a lot,


Thanks, Lenetta. Im glad you liked the idea.
Take care,

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Lenetta @ Nettacow

Forgive me for being late to the party :>) but I just found this and love it, especially the dough of the month club! I've never really thought about personalizing it that way - too fun. And thanks for the details on the perfect rolling pin, I'll get my dad right on that one. :>) I linked to this on my weekly roundup, the post is under my name. (And I promise I'm not spam like the last one!) Thanks for sharing!

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What would you add to make the dough white as opposed to regular dough colored? I have one of those little boxes of food coloring but its just red, blue, green, yellow.


I just made this and loved it! Ill probably never buy regular play dough again! This made a great amount and is so easy and came out so smooth! And i absolutely love the gift ideas! Thanks so much for sharing!

Miss Muffin

I tried your playdough recipe today and LOVED IT!!! I put a link to your site on my post playdough post. Am really keen to try your ideas for the "dough of the month" - so cute!
Thanks for sharing this!


I hope it's okay that I linked to this from my blog.. it really shouldn't bring much traffic at all. I've tried a lot of playdough recipes and this one is my favorite! Thanks so much for sharing it.


We used your recipe yesterday, and I just blogged about it. Thanks for the recipe and all of the wonderful ideas!!!


Hi Laura!
If it is fine with you, I would like to know too what you use for containers for the playdough. Thanks, Miri


When you do this, what do you use for containers for the playdough when you are gifting them?


I think I wil use this idea for some holiday gifts for holiday parties we are invited to this season. Thanks!


i just love it!

Illuminated Attic

Love playdough. I always use the Wilton gel icing colors for ours, it makes dough in colors that are so deep and rich! I buy them when they are on sale for around $1.50 and use about 1/3 a bottle for each batch of dough. Open bottles last a long time in the fridge. A fellow teacher once told me she froze hers to keep them longer but I haven't tried it myself.


I have used a similar recipe before, but never thought to use different scents.... great idea!

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