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October 02, 2008


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When people talk about the cost of housing, often the only thing people talk about is the actual cost of the home they intend to buy. And often, one thing that many people note when they buy a home in one of the distant suburbs is that they can "get more home for the money" in a distant suburb vs living closer in.

What people don't usually count in the cost of owning a home is the higher transportation costs that are incurred when people live further away from jobs and entertainment options.

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What plant or plants use the most CO2 and produce the most Oxygen?
Are there any good websites or books that discuss plants that use the most CO2? And is there a significant difference from plant to plant? I'm looking for planting options for my property.


Don't forget, living things can also reproduce. My kids love me asking "can your big car have baby cars?" Always gets a giggle!!


Another great idea, I will be using this too!!

It is actually something I never thought about teaching Egg before, which is strange. Not for any other reason than I forgot about it.


Do you remember me? I have emailed you to get the premission for linking, and I have it linked! Anyway, I do learn lots of things from your blog and do enjoy reading every post here! They give me loads of ideas! I'll surely incorporate some Montessori curriculums into fun activities at home for my little boy! Thanks!

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