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October 16, 2008


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Brittany Redmond

We have a similar work such as the "Table Topics". We use "Conversation Bears". The children take turns talking about their choice of topic as long as they have the conversation bear in their hand. This really quites down eating time and talking with full mouths.

I think your idea and our idea together would work very well in our classroom. My Direstress would love this idea!

Thank you,
(Montessori in LA)


I really think I am going to use this idea with the church group I help with. The group consists of a 3 and 4 Year olds, and many of them don't know each other outside of the group. Thanks for the idea.


I wish I could have individual snack time! I set up my classroom as more Montessori than traditional (I only have my students for an hour per day, in afterschool), but with 20 tired kindergartners, it's not really an option. But my favorite thing is that I have a small spray bottle, cloth rags and a child sized broom (why the state gives kindergartners sunflower seeds in very hard to open packages is beyond me). The kids actually get in arguments because they want to clean so much! Do you have anything like that in your classroom?

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