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October 10, 2008


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What are the basic concepts of freedom vs enslavement to you?
Also do you think the following to be a true statement:
"Depending on the society a 'slave' subject to a master may have more freedom and better treatment than one that lives in a 'free' society subject to a repressive economic system"

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How did the Peace March during the Vietnam War impact our country economically?
Who were important in the peace march? Why was it important that veterans spoke at the capital who actually came from the Vietnam War? How did it impact the country short term and long term? Where and when did the peace march take place?

Dawn Marie Watson

This process is integral to a large Montessori classroom as well. We have 38 students in one room. We can't do without our peace area and "bear" . I like the affirming statement of "we declare peace" after they are finished. Thank you and I really appreciate this website

Dawn Marie Watson
Alpha Montessori
Flint, MI


Thank you for sharing, that was beautiful & touching. I was envisioning resolution like this in everyday life outside of the classroom, what a world this would be.

Illuminated Attic

I've really enjoyed reading this and your other posts in relation to "Honoring the Light of the Child". Do you feel that these activities would be easily adaptable to a homeschool situation, or do you think that the group element is too integral to the plan?


Great post about the peace rose! It truly is a powerful symbol in the peaceful classroom. I also loved the way you connected it to your living/non-living work. :)

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