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October 11, 2008


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Melanie Vaughn

Can someone tell the whole lesson including black Elk's vision? I would love to to have the whole in order rather than trying to figurte it out my self.


I love all of these ideas.
Thanks for the inspiration once again. I love the pumpkin numbers and the stamping. I was so annoyed that I couldn't get the dog's colourful day book in any of the book shops near me. I looooove that matching game too.
Egg is doing super duper with his letters and spelling (blowing my own trumpet but phonetics!!)so I love that idea, I have seen it in the school catalogues I have but it has always been in kits which cost a lot, but of course I could do it myself, thanks for the reminder! Do a future post, it will make you very happy, lol. One last thing, sorry, what is the item for the letter t, I just cannot make it out.


Just absolutely wonderful! My girls are now in 1st and 2nd year Montessori (River Valley Charter School in Massachusetts) and we are doing different works now, but I truly miss this work very much! :)

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