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November 06, 2008


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I just wanted to let you know that I will be linking back to you on our blog post of 11/19/10. I made this for my son and it is adorable. Thanks for all of the inspiring ideas you share with us.

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i like this part of the blog: "Here is a little something I've whipped up over the past two nights. I started sewing him while watching history in the making on Tuesday night. And I finished his tail feathers Wednesday night (about 10 minutes ago as I type this at 11:05 p.m.). However, he was hatched in my imagination sometime within the last month. (Like I said a few posts back, I think about the classroom 24/7, I swear!)v"

darshani dissanayake

Thanks for sharing your great great idea.


THis is adorable, thanks for sharing your great idea!


What a great idea! I love it! Thanks!

Michelle Z.

Where do you get your wool blend felt?

Pecos Blue

Very cute Turkey.


Of course he looks like a turkey! It's a great idea to button the feathers. I just updated a similar buttoning activity for J's teacher that was a quilted pumpkin and you buttoned on various jack-o-lantern face pieces. This one would be fun too.


What a great idea!! Wonderful motivation for learning buttoning.

jo 戎嶋jo

He is cute and a cute idea to boot ;o)

Melissa A.

Great job! I've been thinking of making something similar for O's felt board, but I couldn't get a good picture of it in my mind. Thanks for the inspiration :)


Oh, I might have to try this one for my little ones at home! So cute!

Thanks for sharing!


Its very nice! Again..I love it!


That is ADORABLE! I love it!


or a flower or sun!


WOW!! LOL, I knew he was a turkey, he is wonderful! If I ever learn to sew (I have a sewing machine but as I tried to cut fabric the other day and failed....) I would love to mke a peecock! OR farm animals with with a button, one with a poper, one with vecro!

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