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November 19, 2008


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I try and grow several new plants every year. It's my job to see how things do in different environments, but I'd grow a variety of plants, even if it wasn't. I'm always curious to see if plants will turn out like their magazine shots. When they do, I'm delighted. When they don't, I have to wonder if it was them or me.

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that's a delicious recipe with onion thank you !

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For me its an interesting recipe because this is my first time to try this kind of soup and I hope I make this well enough.

Yep, really good soup. I think I actually devoured 4 bowls last night, not just 2. (What?...I was hungry!) Plus, I just had another for my lunch. Good job, honey!


With Thanksgiving coming up, I just had to point out this recipe in Jane Brody's Good Food Book, in case you haven't tried it (or in case you were totally put off by the name - it's pretty unappealing): Turkey Carcass Soup, on pages 348-349. My family makes this soup every year with the leftover bird (hence the awful-sounding name), and it is so, so, SO good.

Thanks for pointing out the peanut butter soup recipe - I might give it a try, because my girls will usually eat anything with peanut butter in it :)

Keeping fingers crossed that hubby leaves a comment - gooooooooo husband!!


Sounds interesting.Good interesting.

You know ppl used to either laugh at me or say "yuck" or both when I told them of Eggs like for peanut butter pasta but 1) you get him to blinking eat then and 2)it is just like that Chinese peanut sauce (cannot remember the name of it).

I hope DH does good!!

I will be putting up a few more recipe posts soon. I actually have a soup! Really healthy and soooo easy!

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