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November 28, 2008


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How very sad this made me as well. I have been thinking most of the day about what has gone wrong in our society that causes this appaulling situation to occur.
I very much enjoy your blog.

Karin Katherine

I was horrified too. It is very sad indeed. I agree with you. There is NOTHING that would get me out of bed to be at a stores door at 4am. I've always said that. I know money is tight for many Americans this holiday---but really. The bigger sales are AFTER Christmas anyway. This year we are doing our best to take the materialism out of Christmas for our children. To teach contentment is a very good gift. Much of what is wrong with the world (greed, depression, envy) can be attributed to a failure to be content (and grateful) for what you have.

Paulene Angela

I fairly new to blogs, I love the concept of sharing quality information and this is one of the blogs I enjoy, thank you so much.

I follow the international news regularly and could not miss this tragedy. However, this "I must have, I need now" syndrome is not only in America, it's in Europe too. It is a constant battle, advertising is thrown in our face daily.


Like you, I keep coming back to the horror of this event. How can people be so fueled by greed that they cease to have bodily awareness or concern for those around them? I'm nauseated by it. This, paired with yesterday's fatal ToysRUs shootings in a fight over a toy, demonstrate how problematically addicted to consumption America is.
I hope that people see this as a wake up call.

Illuminated Attic

We had a pretty media-free day so I didn't hear about this tragedy until this evening and I was appalled. Later on the news, witnesses said that when the police tried to clear the scene customers were protesting and wanting to continue with their shopping! Atrocious!

Dawn E

I too have been angry all day at the injustice of this man's death. What a sad testament to our culture.

I'm new to your blog, but have enjoyed it immensely. I am a former Montessori teacher and currently homeschool my daughter. I love reading and seeing your ideas and have been encouraged to get back in touch with my Montessori roots. Thanks.

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