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November 16, 2008


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Yep I was ust coming back as I thought of bees flying from flower to flower, so Im with anne. Then as soon as I read "change from month to month" I sudnley had brown pipe cleaners in my head for a tree, with bead leaves!


Oh! I love the way this turned out! I can't wait to go look for some flower beads - little insect beads would be fun, too. I can tell this is a lesson that will change from month to month! :) I had conferences on Friday, too, and will have more on Monday. It's such a good time to squeeze in lesson making and nook-n-cranny cleaning, but also slightly exhausting!

Glad you're back and feeling refreshed!


OMG I LOVE IT!!! and stop writing in CAPITALS! You are getting me over excited!!!!!!!! Only thing is I have been hunting for both a little holed and big holed shaker with no luck, might have to try and make something, a laminated card punched with a hole punch perhaps.


Very cute! I'm going to keep my eyes open for flower buttons!

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