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November 21, 2008


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Christmas Gift Ideas for Toddlers

Very good ideas, I have to agree. It is very difficult to find a site like yours whereby all the gifts suggested are from the heart rather money making point of view.

onno david

Great post! This blog is so helpful. I have been looking for ideas. I have so many nieces aside from my own kids. I think this will be great for my kids.


This is fantastic! Thank you so much. I have been looking for ideas. I have so many nieces and nephews aside from my own kids. I love shopping online. One thing I found that I love is a bilingual book. "Tim and Kim" by Kay Linda Nord. I love it. It has both English and Spanish on the same page, so the kids can follow along and see the difference. I found it on amazon, but just found the author's site here;http://kaylindanord.com/

I love the A Toy Garden. Thanks again! I am so excited. But, I always get excited to shop:) he he


This is fah-bulous! Thanks for the tips I've been wondering about Christmas and this gets me started. yay! Thanks again.

Amy @ Let's Explore

Thanks for including my shop in this great list of toys! I love the Filo Design with Laces - I saw it at Target too and almost bought it. I think my girls would love the hammering shapes set too! :)


For anyone interested in the Quadrilla marble run. Personally, I wouldn't recommend it much earlier than five. My DS got it when he was almost 5.5yo, and he can make his own runs now at 6yo, but still needs some help. The 4yo can only make simple ones with one or two lengths/turns. So, I'd consider it too big of an investment for purchasing until they would use it more fully, like at age 5/6. Just my two cents! They are quite nice, made by Hape in China, but in their own factory, not outsourced. I almost bought the Haba one. Those are great too, and have so many add-on pieces that add interesting levels of fun.


Okay, so we already have: a farm yard hammering set, a gorgeous set of Middle Eastern nesting dolls (my bestie lives in Dubai & brought it home for Lovely), Lyra pencils (though I am super excited about getting the metallic ones), some Schleich animals (a bath favourite as anther person noted), blocks of course, & I have bought instruments as the main christmas presents for my boys! A gorgeous set of natural wood shakers, a bamboo shaker & two beautiful tibetan brass bells.

Aside from these things... I WANT EVERYTHING ELSE ON YOUR LIST! Thanks so much for taking the time to make it. It's so cool. If only postage wasn't such a big deal to Australia or I'd be addicted to Montessori Services! I've been looking at the World Playground Cd for a while (we have another in the series - American folksongs I think that Lovely has as his "sleeping music" in the car :) & I'm beside myself about the nesting rainbow. One of the lovely baby stores nearby has them & I would love it... I keep wondering if it would be for me or my boys! I had seen something similar to the Quadrilla but having read this I might now suggest it to my dad for the boys. Wedgits look really good & I like the tip about the book.

Wow. Sorry my "comment" is so long. Just loving what you're doing here :)

p.s I bought a Lyra watercolour paint set for Hug for his birthday & it is so beautiful & so reasonably priced. The colours are far more vivd that any other set we've had & I hope to buy one for Lovely too.


Wonderful post! I've been drooling over a lot of those Montessori Services items for a long time, too.

Also, thanks for the link to Ouray Toys. I hadn't been there before but am getting a set together where I need a lot of little animals so it is perfect!


Great Post!
Another great kid- friendly activity your readers would enjoy is to grow a TickleMe Plant from seeds and then watching the plant MOVE when Tickled! As a first grade teacher I no longer plant Lima beans, as the growing of this interactive plant, proved to be much more exciting and educational for my student's.
I found my supplies for a classroom kit at http://www.ticklemeplant.com but they also sell individual greenhouses and even party favors, with everything you need to grow your own TickleMe Plant from seeds. I assure you your kids will be more excited about gardening, and its just fun to watch the expressions of the faces of children (and even adults) when they see the plant close its leaves and droop when tickled,


Great post! O has the rainbow tunnel blocks (she got them last Christmas), and they are one of her most played with toys. We all love them. I've already starting thinking about next year's Christmas when O is 3.5, and I definitely think the filo lacing set and the hammering patterns will be on her list. I think she's a little too young for them this year, but they are both so cool. We have several sets of nesting dolls from visiting my dad in Ukraine years ago, and O LOVES to play with them daily. This week we are at Disneyworld, and I have been on the look out for musical instruments for souvenirs (that I'll put in her stocking). So far I've gotten a thumb drum, a shaker (like the one you have pictured), and another shaker/rattle. I also bought an art tote and crayon rocks from Let's Explore, but I'm saving them for O's 3rd birthday in July.
I LOVE the butterfly lacing cards. I hadn't seen them before, so thanks for posting about them :) The marble run is also very cool, but it's a little pricey. I've been looking at the marble runaround at hearthsong.com, and I think my dad may get it for O for Christmas. It's much less expensive and hopefully just as fun and well-made :)
Thanks again for this great post!


This is so funny. Like a previous poster said, we already have a ton of these toys at home, or we have them at school so I don't want to buy them for home, or they are on my "want" or "I've considered getting that" list. I, too, am fond of Montessori Services and For Small Hands.

I am giving my boys art boxes for Christmas as well (the ones from Amy at Let's Explore). I also did art boxes for the cousins, but I bought the little wooden ones from Magic Cabin (free trade, handmade). Another fun store to buy art supplies is Stubby Pencil Studios. They sell all eco-friendly products. I just gave J's M teachers the holiday Smencils, and they loved them. I could see the wheels turning as to how to incorporate them into the children's work. They are graphite pencils (they also sell colored ones) and the smells are amazing. Made from 100% recycled newspapers.

We have the Twist & Rail Quadrilla marble run, and it is very awesome. My 6yo can make some pretty complicated runs by himself now (with the suggestion book), and my 4yo enjoys making up runs on his own. Different personalities! That is definitely an awesome "big" present idea.

We love Putomayo music too! We have the World Playground CD and love it. I want to get another one for Christmas but am having a hard time picking only one.

We also have a ton of Schleich animals and love them. A good place for them is Ridge Road Station, price-wise. Another good part of them is that they are solid, and make wonderful bath toys because no water gets inside, which is why I hate bath toys in general because they get all icky and mildew-y. We have a bunch of the sea creatures ones that are for the bath, like sharks, whales, stingray, etc.

Okay, just one more comment about the Matroyska nesting dolls. You can buy blanks, and then hand-paint them yourself as your family. Wouldn't that be so much fun?! I bet you could find someone on Etsy to make them for you too. That is on my crafty-think-about list for someday.

Mozi Esme's Mommy

Thanks for this wonderful list! I'll be on the lookout for some of these...


Great list! Thank you for taking time to connect the links. I also compiled a battery-free list:



these are awesome and amazing picks. May i use this for blognosh.com? please? email me! xo


thank you so much for the suggestions! I am trying to find educational, fun and quality gifts for my two little ones-awesome ideas!


Great suggestions Miss Laura! I just might have to look into a few of those!


OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! WE ARE SO ALIKE IN OUR SHOPPING, HALF OF THAT STUFF I WANTED ALREADY AND THE OTHER HALF THAT IS NEW TO ME I WANT NOW!! Oh and some I already have! Great ideas! Sadly we have had a few problems with the house and Egg has had to lose a lot of his toys and I am worried to buy new ones as I know the same will happen so I am not sure what we are going to do this year, but oddly I just checked out his christmas present (I was cleaning out a chaotic cupboard, then decided to try out the present) a karaoke machine with a camera! IT IS AMAZING. Egg loves to sing, dance and perform and he loves being filmed. This present rocks!!!! Oh I bought him an adult karaoke machine, not one "for kids" all the ones for kids I found need batteries what a dangerous waste of money.

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