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November 30, 2008


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It's all so lovely! Though I must say that I am especially fond of that quilted Wreath!! My tree is up and it is about 4 years old, I hope like you to have it for a long time. I love my tree. I will be doing a tree post hopefully in a few days, though the tree has been up for ages...


What a beautiful Nativity that your father made. Also, I love your tree. My family tree has always been a mix of ornaments made and given to one another over the years, back to my childhood and I just can't get my head around why anyone would want to have an un-personal themed tree.


Wow, how beautiful your home is. Thank you for sharing your pictures with us :)

Your cousin is a fantastic crafter - does she have a blog or an etsy shop? Your dad's pieces are amazing, such wonderful heirlooms for your sons.

I've gone all sentimental now :P

Laura H

I just found your blog and love all your ideas. Your beautiful wall hanging from your cousins is AWESOME!!!


We had a fake tree growing up and I was very sad when my parents decided that it was too shabby and started buying real trees. They're messy, you have to water them, and worst of all, the limbs aren't as strong as the fake tree so they don't hold as many ornaments!

I love your decorations and that each has a special meaning.


I'm loving your Christmas decor - especially the homemade wooden decorations. Your dad is so talented! I also loved reading about how you and your husband bought your tree as newlyweds - my husband and I bought our first tree this year. Christmas creates such truly meaningful memories!



Your decorations are wonderful! Next weekend our house will start to look like Christmas is on it's way as well :) I can't tell you how much I adore your blog! You have so many incredible ideas. I've put a few to use with my young children at home and look forward to checking what you post about each and every day. Thank you!


I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful ideas - you are very inspiring. I teach pre-primary in Western Australia - kids ranging between turning 5 and turning 6. Wishing you all the joy of the season. Thanks again.


Fun! We need to pull out our decorations too. Like you, I only have hand-me-down decorations and ones made by my daughter and me. I love it that way. I don't have any use for commercial decor. Blah.
Thanks for showing us what Xmas looks like in your home!


Lovely! I'm in the mood to get the tree up now! I love the eclectic look of a tree as well, and we have many homemade ornaments that we have collected over the years. And I have the baby Jesus in the last door of my advent calendar too! I have the nativity scene set up beside the calendar, just waiting to the baby Jesus to arrive. Happy December!

Michelle Z.

My parent's had that kind of tree most of my life, too. It was the first tree they bought as newlyweds, and still stored every year in it's original box. When I went home last year, my mom had bought a new tree - after almost 40 years. I was a little sad, and really stunned that my mom had no qualms about tossing out her old tree. I would have taken it! Just for sentimental value!!

Our tree is a hodge-podge of ornaments, too. My mom used to take my sister and me every year to choose a new ornament, and when we both moved away, we got to take our ornaments with us. Now I do the same with my boys. We all love hanging our favorite ornaments each year. I can't imagine having a tree with just glass balls.

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