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December 06, 2008


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I too love the gingerbread letter matching activity. Hmmmmmm...I might have to make one of those for around our house! Where did you get your set of letter stamps? They look like a good size and easy to hold for little hands. I have some I got from Magic Cabin a while back. They're ok, but a but small and hard to use for the kdis... Thanks, as always, for all the inspiration!


It all looks wonderful as usual! I have been away from blogging so that's why I haven't been commenting.

I really like the gingerbread men letter game! And I love the tree so much, where did you find that? Please have found it on line (fingers crossed). I have a mug tree waiting to paint (possibly) green which we will use as a "tree" to decorate. It only has 6 (I think) "branches" so it's great for Egg, but I like that tree so much.

Now I am off to check out the other posts I missed :0)

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