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January 10, 2009


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Thanks so much for including me Laura - it's so sweet of you! You are a major inspiration to me :)

I can't wait to post about my *kreativ* inspirations.

Big love & Happy New Year to you :)
A. x


Thank you, Laura! I am so flattered - what a lovely award! Your classroom looked so busy last week... mine was, too - so much so that I didn't take a single picture! :) Don't you love watching the children eagerly go back to work after being out of the classroom routine for so long?

Thank you again! I'll be back to blogging soon!



I have so much to ask regarding teaching methods. I look at your activities and CANNOT imagine my children having enough control to do these tasks without the supplies ending up all over the classroom!

Our center has 24 children in my room. 16 are boys and the additonal 8 are girls. Any given time though there are 14 boys and 2 girls. I have one child with EXCESSIVE behavioral disorders as well. Some of these children are here 9 hours a day.

While trying to introduce some montessorri activities we still have the racket in the background. Does your school keep kids that long? Are there "normal" toys that can be played with? I love the ideas, but aside from sitting right on top of them as they do them I can't see it happening and I so want to implement these things.


Thanks so much for choosing me one of your nominees! I am now excited to pick 6 things that inspire me...although most of the things are the same as yours! Thanks so much !!

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