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January 03, 2009


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Thanks! My girls loved this. I hadn't tried anything this challenging with my almost 3-year old and she matched the snowflakes easily which surprised me. She then joined in when older sister used the pieces for a memory game, with great success! thanks again!


Thank you, thank you! Great activity!

Can I ask a random Montessori question? How do you set up your 'work', do you have a bookshelf of sorts and leave the trays out and then kids take a project that interests them during the day and continue to work through all the projects?

I haven't been in a classroom so I'm just guessing it's something like this?

Thank you again! Excellent activities/ideas/posts/blog! I love coming here! Thank you!


Oh thanks so much for sharing the link!! We are doing a big snow unit for the next 2 weeks and this will be perfect for my kids!! :)



I loved this website! Thank you. I downloaded many fun activities for my kids.


This looks like wonderful work! I had trouble opening the Kelly's Kindergarten link - I'll have to try again. Seems like a good resource!

Laura S.

I LOVE this work! Very cool! Thanks for sharing.

Being that I live in the south, we are not expected to see any snow this winter, but I am including a few "wintery" type activities anyway. Can't wait to hear about your snow dough recipe. Is there a scent for January?


Hi Laura..I'm not sure if you got your matching here...

then click on snowflake memoy

...but it looks pretty close :)

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