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March 17, 2009


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Various religious and other groups have been falsely accused of using human blood in rituals; such accusations are known as blood libel. The most common form of this is blood libel against Jews. Although there is no ritual involving human blood in Jewish law or custom, fabrications of this nature(often involving the murder of children) were widely used during the Middle Ages to justify Antisemitic persecution.


Thanks for posting this! It's exactly what I was looking for during our homeschool lesson on blood. we'll be making this on Thursday!


This is wonderful!!! The children understand so much more if you give them a visual like this! I did something similar when I taught the children about germs. I made a bunch of purple dots from a hole puncher, then pretended to sneeze in circle by putting my dot filled hand over my mouth and nose - the purple dots went everywhere! Then I touched the person beside me - and there I left another few dots! I "coughed" on my assistant, and left lots more dots! The children were much more aware of how germs travel after that! I would hear "don't get your purple dots on me!" when someone started to cough, and they were much more aware of turning their heads away from people. Must do this again!! The initial idea came from my doctor!

Shanna Black

Miss Laura, was the student at the end of the day Jaxx?

Elizabeth Ping

I really like how this activity is set up. I will be difinitely using it with my boys! Thank you! :)


Great lesson! I'll have to keep this in mind for when my kids are a little bit older.


Amazing lesson. I'm really impressed. I know these kids will never see blood the same way.


This is an amazing idea/description! I had a teacher do something similar in early grade school and I still remember! Thanks for sharing this, I'm going to try it for my kids as well. You're a great teacher Laura!

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Thank you again for this great idea! I love coming to your blog!


which age group this activity aim to!?


u hv an awesome blog...i am inspired!

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