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March 12, 2009


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How to integrate Garmin GPS 18 with MSN's or Google's satellite and
street maps? Is there an appealing option? The software that ships
with the Garmin falls short of the MSN and Google counterparts.


Just what I was looking for, and amazing - as usual!



Map work does look very appealing. My question is, are the kids really able to punch out the entire shape of each state? Do any of them get too overwhelmed by it? Or do they have to see another child do it first, and then realize that it is possible? I question this because I presented pin-punching around Christmas time, and not one child was interested in punching for long enough to get even one shape out.

Hope you have some feedback for me!


i like this idea..we have made world maps & the children go through sputs with it. i can think of one boy in particular who would dive in this..thanks for the idea

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