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April 29, 2009


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ThatsGreat! Im glad you like the idea and I love the idea of applying it to names. Thanks for writing.

To: directress@live.com


Love this idea. I am thinking of using it with the childrens names. The first page would have the first letter and so on. the last page would have their full name.


wow, i have always wondered how to encourage kids to draw. i have some kids wo just doesnt get to the art table cos he cant draw. and this idea will encourage every child Im sure.
thanks for that beautiful idea. i will for sure bring it to the shelves right away.


This idea is fantastic- i tried this with my class with a 'wren' book and a 'daffodil' book (St Davids day) and the results were brilliat. This week i've made a penguin and a tortoise book and the plan is to make a large selection!
Thanks for the idea keep up the good work :)

Elizabeth: The Double D's: Life with Dirk and Derek

This is a great idea! :)


I love this! I am doing it with my son right now and he's really enjoying it. Thanks!

Diane Aoto

Those chicks are so cute!
Yet another idea to add to the list for when my little one is a bit bigger.
It's the first time I've commented here, but I read regularly - keep up the good work!



I love this! I used your penguin idea back in the winter, and the kids loved it. I'm sure they would enjoy this one too!


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