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August 03, 2009


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Thank you so much for sharing your ideas in this blog. As the beginning of the school year approaches, it is so nice to be able to see what another Montessori teachers are doing (especially as a new Montessori teacher!) and to add new ideas to my repertoire.

Teaching My Little Bookworm

yes we do drop them its a carolina thing too i think cuz my grandparents did to and they were born and raised in the carolinas!

Toddler Crafts Julie

Your classroom looks clean and attractive. It must be a good place to learn lots of things inside. Thanks for passing Montessori School on here. Toddler Crafts Julie.


I wish we lived in your area so that my daughter could come to your school. :) Looks like a great learning environment.


Where do your kids hang their coats, and how do you do it? We have a very small coat-room, very crowded when the children are changing. Looking for some ideas.


Your room is so big! I love that first day when you're setting up the classroom. I never seem to have it the same way every year, even if things worked well the previous year! Funny! I love the bins and the books for each month. Great idea, everything is ready to go! I've spent my summer painting and painting - after 10 years we decided to spruce the place up, my two upstairs teachers painted their own room and foyer, and I did the kitchen, and now am working on the office. A lot of work, but the school is looking fresh and clean! Luckily my room is still good, and doesn't need painting, just a few touch-ups.


I'm so glad you're back!!


I like your idea of monthly bins. I've never seen that before...pretty neat.

Have fun setting up your class!


OH, your post makes me miss teaching so much! I used to love getting my classroom set up. Just the anticipation of all of the energy and excitement that would soon be coming through the door. So much potential.

Thank you for this lovely reminder!


As a future elementary teacher, I love how you detail every step because that is what I need. I get overwhelmed by the amount of materials and the concept of how to track/teach 3 age groups. I like how you organize everything from ideas to materials!

I wish I could find an elementary teachers blog with this kind of detail! Thank you!

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