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August 04, 2009


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How do u present the nesting dolls? Having some frustration on that with my wee one.


What is the significance of the mats to do their work on?


Beautiful Laura! I am so excited that you are back blogging on your school blog. It is like opening a gift on Christmas morning every time I see you have a new post. Wonderful!

I have a quick question. Why is there red and yellow tape on the ends of the cylinder blocks?

Thank you for giving us your time to selflessly help and encourage us!


Love your blog! I start as a montessori teacher in one month! I'm finishing my training and I'm a little bit afraid of being in charge soon! Your blog helps me a lot!
Our teacher advices us to start the first 2 weeks in the classroom with no montessori activities. She suggests to arrange playdough, coulorings, jigsaws on the shelves and set the limits first and when the group is ready, arrange the material on the shelf and start!


Whoop whoop, your back so now i can finally come out of 'My Montessori Journey' rehab!!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas with us and giving us the insight into why you do the things you do. I'm thinking that when my older children finally leave and my new starters move up i will drastically cut down the number of PL activities i have approx 20-25 activites out all the time(puzzles also included due to space available)and see how that works but will probably like you feel that there is not enough out so it will take some getting used to! I also like the sticker on the shelf system, in the past i have used photos of the activity but this is very time consuming when changing activities and having to print out new pics and laminate them. Look forward to your future posts, good luck with all the preparations.
(sorry i went on a bit lol x)


Your classroom looks really big. How many children do you have in your class? I am looking forward to your posts!


It so great to have you back! I've missed your posts! Thank you so much for sharing.
Will you please tell me where you got the tiny apples in the last activity from? Thank you!


While I'm not a Montessori teacher, I am a believer in the process & my children each spent 3 years at an excellent Montessori schoool. I will say that while your shelves might "feel" bare in the Fall, that is exactly how my children's classrooms looked each Fall. Very little work out on the shelves. As the children got comfortable with each other and the materials, more was brought out. I love reading your blog!


I'm sooo glad you're back with your posts about activities. I have some activities and materials (apple shaped bowl, glass marbles, little rocks...) just like yours in my classroom. I've had very young children last year, so PL activities rules!

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