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August 17, 2009


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We use Montessori Buddy (www.MontessoriBuddy.com) and it is amazing! It really simplifies record keeping and makes parent communication a piece of cake. You would love it! Ever since we started using it, we've had such positive feedback from parents and administration is completely streamlined.


Thanks, Lori. Im glad youare finding useful information here. Take care,

To: directress@live.com


Thank you for posting your curriculum. It was a wonderful jumping off point for developing the homeschool kindergarten curriculum for my son. I blogged about it and included a link back to your site. Thanks for helping the Montessori movement flourish.


I am a homeschooling mom, but I just posted on our record keeping method last week. I do a similar anectodal type sheet combined with a planning sheet.


I like your checklist-thanks. I do something similar to you-ah yes-clipboards!I tried pasting in my sheet but it hasn't worked. Basically, I create a word doc that is a table with each child's name in column 1. Then empty columns are headed with the various subject areas e.g. PL, Sensorial, Math etc. and the last column for comments.This will be on several sheets so that the grid is large enough to write in. Then I just date and record as I go throughout the day. I ask my assistants to do thesame- they each have their own set. The nice thing is you can easily see at a glance what work areas child is covering,and who you have worked with. For lessons I just name it: say pouring water or red rods or initial sounds. then I use a triangle system where one line means introduced, 2:working on it or 3:mastered. Again you can tell at a glance where they are. I use each set for about 1-2 weeks then transfer the info into the computer. I keep one large doc with each child's name and just record the date, work done and comments. I just keep adding on throughout the year so everything is in one place. Do I need to say be sure it's backed up!!!!!I also record any behavioral issues, concerns, parent conversations( usually in a colored font)right in the same word doc. This helps me rememer to follow up on any issues and also reminds me of what I've already covered with parents.

We are similar to you in that most of my students leave for kindergarten in the public school ( we too are a small church preschool). So usually around February or so I meet with my assistants and the anectdotal doc. and we make lists of things we would like to work on with the children so they are prepared when they leave us. Here is a sample:
Grace: work on letter e for name writing sand then crayon/pencil
scissors skills -advaced cutting strips
number recognition 1 to 1 correspondance
think of a game to work on vocal modulation
We keep one copy of this on a clipboard and try to target the areas when a child is "floating" or wants to work with a teacher. I know some of my fellow montessorians would frown on this but I want my children to have a leg up on the basics when they get to k'garten so we offer suggestions if they seem stuck or (horrors) aren't making good choices during worktime (i.e. are getting rowdy)


Thanks for the great idea. It's so simple, yet it's exactly what I needed to hear.

I already have a clipboard that I keep my lesson plans & checklists on, including a log that I used when either getting to know my kids or if I was seeing some behavior issues. The log wasn't quite working for me, and now I see that I need to use it in a different way so it not only helps with behavior issues, but also helps me prepare lessons & track info for parent conferences.

Laura S.

I use a similar sheet of boxes that I use each week. I write lesson plans to give each child a language, a math, and an "other" lesson.

Thanks so much for sharing this great resource!

P Ryan

The Curriculum sheet is fantastic!
I have been looking for a sheet like this for a long time! You angel! I am so grateful and your site is so wonderful - it is so generous and loving and everything you have posted is really really appreciated - Thank you so much!


Sorry, I didn't switch user ID's and when I tried, it somehow published part of my comment anyway. I was also going to ask if it would be worth it if I decided to do Montessori style childcare out of my home. Since it would looks slightly more professional. But the glitch gave me time to decide that I'd have 5 kids max so it probably wouldn't be necessary.


That's a really neat (looking) program for a school environment.


my school also uses the MRX system for record keeping - I also have a clipboard with a similar sectioned paper to keep notes on the children during the week and then update the MRX every couple of weeks using my notes


Oops! http://www.montessorirecordsxpress.com/index.cfm


This is our second year of using Montessori Records Xpress (http://www.montessorirecordsxpress.com/learn_more.cfm). We keep a laptop in our classroom, and whenever we do a lesson with a child, we just enter it in. It's pretty fabulous - and, now that we have everything set up how we want it, it is really efficient, too. I still jot things down on paper all the time, of course! :) Before we had MRX, we had a binder notebook for each child. There was a section for each area of the classroom, and tiny black and white photos of each lesson within each section. When we did a lesson with a child, we would check it off in his or her binder, and record the date and any little notes about the experience. I liked this record-keeping method because the children were able to look through their own binders whenever they wanted to.

It's so interesting to read about how everyone keeps track of where their children are at - it's no simple task! Thanks for discussing this topic, Laura!


This is a good visual for me because you can see what types of activities kids are drawn to and master from this checklist system. I bet its kind of eye-opening for parents to see where their children's strengths are during conferences.


I homeschool so my methods are a little different but I made a post about it in response to this that includes a link to download a copy of my record sheet.


I use a very similar system for my home based Montessori preschool. I'm glad to know that even the professionals do something like this! LOL

Using stickers, from another comment, is a good idea. I might have to try that!


Colleen Bowers

Just wanted to let you know that if you end up with a random photo of math addition work, I apologize! I was trying to upload it to our family blog and may have uploaded it to the comments section of your blog...so sorry about this, if it happens!
Thanks for all that you do...your insight is really appreciated.



I do the same thing in my classroom - I have a new sheet at the beginning of the week. Then I also have a main checklist similar to yours. It is nice to hear what other people do! Your blog is such a good resource for me - thank you!

Colleen Bowers

Thanks so much for sharing your record keeping sheets! I really appreciate your sharing.
Hope that you have a wonderful school year.
Warmly, Colleen


I had a very similar system in the EI level.


I did the same type of record keeping, except I used sticker labels. I used one sheet of labels. I gave each child a number and wrote it on their label. When their sticker label was full of my comments, I removed it and literally "stuck" it in their file.

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