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August 09, 2009


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Kate Nelson

Thanks so much for the wonderful "what I want them to know" posts. I'm homeschooling my preschooler (as a complete montessori novice) and love your approach. These "montessori philosophy" posts educate me and provide ideas and empowerment. Also love the checklist...I'll definitely use it to make sure I'm introducing a variety of lessons to my daughter. I'll be watching for more!


Love your site - keep up the good work. Thanks for mentioning other sites as well. I've gotten lots of ideas from yours, Kidsoup and PreKinders. I really love the Montessori approach - we are a very different preschool that combines Montessori with traditional and mixes classes with a special needs unit. There are five of us in one room. Three teachers - one special needs teacher and she has an aide; two teachers work for the non-profit private sector and we have an aide.


Thank you for that in depth explanation! Even though I instinctively really like the Montessori approach, this actually explained it and now I know WHY I like it so much! Like your first commenter, I wish I lived near a Montessori school. It would be perfect for my daughter.


What a wonderful post - Thank You! I have really enjoyed these "back to school" posts you have done recently.


"people who don't know anything about Montessori can understand it" - I mean by that your posts, not my blog


You have such an amazing posts. I'll print this one and show it to my assistant. Last year (all year) I was the only teacher in my classroom. It was very difficult for me because I never worked in Montessori classroom before and I didn't have anyone to ask about my dilemmas. This year (after my complaining) I'll get one assistant with education and one without education. I'm worried again because assistant without education is working in the morning with me (and don't know anything about Montessori) and we are receiveing some children with special needs (Down Syndrom). I never worked with children with special needs (at least not that serious). And new teacher with education will work in the afternoon.
Your posts are great, your blog was inspiration for starting my blog about activities in my classroom, and people who don't know anything about Montessori can understand it.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas!


You are so wonderfully passionate! I really wish there was an opportunity for my children to attend a Montessori school...sadly we live in a country area...the closest Montessori school would be 7 hours drive away!

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