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January 19, 2010


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the planets around the earth have a kind of magnetic energy, they are the perfect creation of god.

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talk about the planet is something that helps us raise awareness of what we live day by day, since the change of society, to things like pollution, in short, everything is bound to one way or another


Thank you so much! I appreciate your thinking of me and the blog!
Take care,

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We have an award for you on our blog today!



I am also having trouble E-mailing you, but wanted to say that I love these planet ideas. I am posting some fun science experiments this week and I thought you would enjoy seeing them.
Thanks, Karen


I'm having trouble e-mailing you and I have some Montessori questions I would like to ask. Could you please e-mail to me so that I could reply?
Thanks. I'm learning so much from your blog.

Dede Thompson

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