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February 02, 2010


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My class also did the same art activity during early February. Only difference was we used wax/pastry paper instead and when the paper was dry and if they layered the tissue paper enough, they were able to peel it off so the paper got reused. It allowed them to do independently and in someway they learnt process and patience :-)

Thank you for sharing


Thanks for writing, Faith. Im glad you are finding useful information and ideas here.
Take care,

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Faith Richards

Sweet! I home school and my head is about to explode with ideas for my childrens next craft project. Thanks for sharing, I will surley be back around again and again!


Thanks for your comments, Emily.I love to put out holiday work because the children are so excited to bring home something theyve made by themselves that can be displayed during the holiday season. Thanks so much for writing!

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Emily R-B

Again, another great Valentine's Day work. I am truly inspired. I've never been able to come up with any sort of holiday art/activity that I could turn into a work to put on a shelf - thus, I almost never do any holiday art. Now I'm excited to think of all the ways I can give kids a chance to do holiday work in the future!

Marla McLean, Atelierista

Have you considered allowing children to create their own original shapes (throughout the projects you have planned), that represent something meaningful to themselves? They might be organic, and not so picture perfect, but consider the individual stories that might emerge.


I have the same heart shaped basket. I'm using it for my math activities (I've post about it on my blog if you would like to visit)!


So inspiring--I'm printing out your entire post to take to the craft store. Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful activities!


We made some of these this weekend - so pretty, aren't they?! Love how you have this set up. :)

Diane Aoto

That's lovely!

I like that the red baskets are heart-shaped too :-)


I"m off to get some contact paper, so cute!

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