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March 29, 2010


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Julie Cipolla

I am focusing on birds next week for my science lesson. This is perfect for our art project, thanks for sharing.


The age range in my classroom is between 3 and 5. Thanks for writing

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Nice project! How old are the children that did this project? I wonder if they will be ready for that in our classroom...


Thank you, Courtney!

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Thanks so much! Im glad you are enjoying the blog.
Take care,

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Courtney Corey

Wonderful blog. Really nice ideas!


You are so creative - I love checking in to your blog and being inspired. thanks so much!


What a great idea! Hope you don't mind but I'm going to "borrow" this idea for summer camp.



Happy Easter Laura!


This is so cute! I think I might do this tomorrow after breakfast. I could spend all day on this site finding new stuff to do with my girls. I wished we leaved near a Montessori school because you are doing everything I would like to do as a homeschooler.


So cute! Thanks for the idea :-)

amber d.

I love it- it is super cute. The ridges are really cool like you said.

Very nice- can't wait for my son to bring one or two home!


I love this activity. Really well thought out.


Thanks, Mari-Ann. Ill check it out!

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Oh what fun!! I think they look great - can't wait to try this with my son. Thanks for sharing!

PS: I linked to you a couple of times in a recent blog post. :)


what a fun project!! I'm always on the lookout for cheap, easy, and fun ideas for crafts to do at the daycare I work at. Thanks for the fun idea!

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