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March 11, 2010


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yeah, that would be nice, just to help me start out.


Hi, Jessica. Thanks for writing. My program is half day only so we dont have to deal with the lunch issue. However, I do encourage healthy snacks. If you are interested in the handout I send home about that Id be happy to forward it to you.
Take care,

To: directress@live.com


That's a cute game. I'm gonna see if I can make something like that tomorrow for the next couple of weeks in my room. Also I was wondering have you ever sent home a handout to parents about what their child's lunch should contain i.e. protien, dairy, veggie, fruit. I want to make one to hand out because some of our parents send lunches that I feel just aren't healthy enough and I know this is the time to instill good eating habits into the kids and if we just give up now they won't start eating properly until they're adults if then. So I was wondering if you had something along those lines I could maybe borrow/use, if so thanks so much.

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