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August 30, 2010


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Thanks, Kara!

To: directress@live.com


This is great! What a fun activity to go with such a cute book!


D was so excited about this when he came home and showed me. He remembered what each one of the spots were! :)


Thanks, Dee, for the link. I headed over to check it out and theres a bunch of great stuff over there.

To: directress@live.com


Youre so funny! Im glad you liked the post. Have fun with this great book!

To: directress@live.com


I'm having trouble accessing the link for the Dog pictures. When I click on it....the page is blank.


I found a link that can go along with activity/work

rm (rainbowmummy)

I LOVE IT!!!! We will definitely be doing this!!!

Ps I am double commenting as I have a feeling I put a bizarre spelling for "definitely".

rm (rainbowmummy)

I LOVE IT!!! We will definitely be doing this! x

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