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August 12, 2010


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Thanks, Michelle! Im glad you enjoyed the cards. Ill post the winter ones in a few months.
Take care,

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Thanks Laura! I've got the perfect fall ribbon for the ring! I've got all of my songs organized in a dreadful index card box. I think I'll sing more songs with the kids when it's displayed nicely like this. Can't wait to see the winter songs!

kelly l

Did you post a muffin song a year or so ago with cut out muffins sprinkled w/ glitter? If so could you tell me where I can find that post again on your blog?
Thanks so much!


Thank you for sharing these files! I can't wait to share the songs with my children...they will love them. :) I am so happy you are back!


Youre welcome, Amanda. Thanks so much for writing.
Take care and good luck in your new school year.

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Thank you so much for 1-being back, 2-posting great and time saving ideas, 3 - Sharing your work! LOVE THIS and all you do!


Your ideas are always so cute and very useful in the classroom. Thanks for helping me out during my first year of teaching and into my second. You are awesome!


Thank you! Cute songs :-)


You are WONDERFUL!! Thank you so much Laura for these files. My kids will enjoy these so much in our homeschool this year. I tend to focus on the schooling part and forget to do songs with my kids.

I know that they LOVED the songs they were taught in school last year because I would hear them all of the time!
I also loved that the teacher would give us (Parents) a copy.


Thanks so much for doing the leg work for us! I have had this idea and not gotten to it. I hope you keep us posted throughout the year with more!


Thanks so much for these!

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