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September 02, 2010


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We found ours at Bed, Bath, and Beyond...



Thanks, Jamie. The swap is a good idea. I am not sure how to coordinate it, however. Let me know your thoughts.

To: directress@live.com


i got dinosaurs somewhere last year, maybe kmart? they were in the bath section. i think there were 10 or 12. i just use them at home with my two boys so sure don't need that many. if anyone else got a bulk package of something else and would like to swap a few so we can get more variety, i would love to do that. also laura if you don't have dinos, i would send you a couple for all you do on this blog!


What I have found is easiest to do is to buy a bathmat from Target or any other store with appropriate sized suction cups, and just trace and cut out the shape that I want! This works for any unit we are currently studying! Using a razor helps to add other details to it such as a small hole.


I found the circular ones in pairs at K-mart along with stars. They also had them at Bartels in Seattle.

rm (rainbowmummy)

my comment didn't work? boo.


I found my butterfly ones at the Dollar Tree in January. They also had dinosaurs. I got I think like ten of them in a package. I just wish I could find different shaped and colored ones but I haven't looked around lately.

Robbie Warren


Thanks so much for your wonderful web-site - I am inspired every time I read a new post. I am not a Montessori teacher but am trying to incorporate a few of your ideas very successfully.I live and teach in Australia and sourced some cute little suction cup hands from this on-line web store called Urban Baby. I only received them last week but have had great success with my 4yr old class doing a bead transfer - can't wait to try water next - and the other teachers at my preschool asked to use them with their classes too.

Here is a link to purchase them - http://www.babyroo.com.au/Press-and-Stick-Double-sided-suction-pad-hands_Star-and-Rose_tri91v.html

Regards and thanks,



I found a set of suction cup things through Appleseed Educational Products. This was a couple of years ago. It came with a duck, leaf, teddy bear, and fish. I tried searching for the website, but I didn't have any luck :( Thanks for the info on where to find the round one! I have been looking for years!


Hello, I have found various sizes and shapes at my local bed and bath stores. I am in Victoria, BC, and found stars, circles, flowers, seals, etc at Home Outfitters, Home Sense, Heirloom Linens, and also at the dollar stores. They are all non-slip pads for the bath tub. Just look in the bath sections of your local home stores. I also found some at a specialty baby store (Jam Tots, TJ's) in the bath section. The children never get tired of these activities!
Discovery Montessori


I am in Ontario, Canada and I found frogs and lily pad suction cups at The Dollar Store...


I found a 2 pack of green stegosaurus, a 2 pack of orange starfish, and a 2 pack of pink butterflies suction cup pads at dollar tree for of course only 1 dollar. Maybe yours will have them also.


Thanks so much, that is incredibly helpful!


Thank you for the links - I'm currently planning on studying Montessori Early Years online from the UK and am thrilled to have found your blog. It's lovely to see the theories put into practice!

Thanks again!


I have found them at the dollar store in the bath and beauty aisle (dinosaurs and flowers)
I like your resources. They are hard to find!!

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