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October 18, 2010


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This is a WONDERFUL idea. I will be teaching a speech class for children this fall, and your idea will help them learn to internalize and interpret BEAUTIFULLY!


Youre welcome, Melisssa. Thanks so mcuh for writing. Its great to hear from you. I still read your blog every day, but Im AWFUL about posting comments. Have a blessed holiday with your girls!

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I love this! Thank you so much for sharing!


What poem are you doing for December from "CanTeach?" Just curious which one(s) your chose. Thanks!


This is precious! I love the idea of the dots between. My 5.5 year old often gets confused which word I'm pointing to when reading. I fould a long, skinny Lego piece that makes an excellent pointer but what a wonderful idea it would be if there were dots under each word in his books. Hmm. Maybe I'll even add some myself to some of his easy reader books.


So sweet! My little girls and I have been listening to Robert Frost poems quite often--I love the emphasis on natural beauty in his work--and I know that someday they'll be able to recite his words, too.


Thanks for the great poem website!!! I'll be able to use some of these poems in my 3rd grade classroom as well.


It'soverwhelming for me to read this post. It touched my heart and you deserve so much appreciation for making such changes in your students' life.

Isabel Z


Thank you for opening your heart and classroom to us by sharing this post. What a truly touching experience for you and your students. Every time I read your blog I am inspired by you. This is my first year teaching preschool and reading your blog helps me so much so I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I look forward to reading more about your monthly poems.


What an inspiring post! I've intended to find a place for my pocket chart since school started and now I'm really motivated to do it. I have done similar things in the past and will find ways to add the materials basket. For my students just getting the hang of print I sometimes cut the words apart to place them in the pocket chart so they can see the color in between and really get an understanding of the spaces between the words. Thanks for renewing my motivation on this!


Thank you so much for sharing this !! You're such a wonderful teacher. I'm sure your kids must be loving you a lot.

Giggly Girls

How lovely! Your students are blessed to have such a wonderful teacher.


"This poem is a treasure in your heart" - to me, this really sums up what it's all about; to be able to introduce these young souls to the beauty in this world that they can access no matter what the future has in store for them.

A really wonderful post - thankyou.

Leslie Swaim-Fox

I've read your blog for years and have always loved it, but this post really touched me and I just felt like I had to comment. What a thoughtful plan, and beautiful experience this must be for your children. They are truly lucky to have such an amazing teacher! Thank you so much for sharing!


Thank you so much for this post. It made me tear up a little knowing that the world has such wonderful teachers like you who care so much about the children they teach and put so much effort into teaching them. I will be doing this at home with my boys. I love the idea.

Chris Clayton

Laura, I have known you for a long time and have always known that you had a huge heart, but that post illustated how large it is. Your preschool kids are so lucky to have you and all of the life skills that you are teaching them. It so so obvious how much you love them all!


I just want to tell you how inspired I am by your posts (love this one) and am so anxious to try this with my Littles. I am a child care provider who incorporates Montessori inspired activities for the children because I believe in the valuable life experiences it encourages in them. I am so thankful to you for sharing your ideas as my children have benefited greatly by your wisdom and creativity. Thank you, thank you!

Counting Coconuts

I have tears in my eyes, too! I especially love what you wrote at the end.

This is such a lovely idea and one I will be implementing with my son. Thank you very much for sharing this.

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