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October 22, 2010


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Hi, I recently started a blog as part of a class project and, being a Montessori teacher, of course had to search for Montessori blogs! I am really enjoying your lesson write ups and since my class is not Montessori-based I am also appreciating the Montessori immersion I'm finding here.

I love your October poem lesson. I had learned about the poetry basket with objects to illustrate the poem, but to have it up in a pocket chart for all the students to read together is an excellent addition!

Just wanted to share that I am really enjoying your lessons and look forward to more posts.


This is an interesting activity! May i know which age group is it best for?


This is such a beautiful idea. It sounds like your kids responded really well to this activity. I love the poems you chose and may just try that out with my little ones too!

The Acitvity Mom

Thank you so much for sharing! Love it!


I love, love, love this way of doing memorization work. I will be adding this to our homeschool. Not only with poems but prayers and bible verses.


I LOVE your September and October poems!! I made an 'eye stick' today to use with my son. Any chance we can get the November poem soon so that we don't have to wait a year to use it? Thanks again!!

Miss Balue

What poem our you doing for November. Thanks for the object basket idea. I did a fall season color poem and they love having the basket of objects to act it out!

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