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October 21, 2010


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Hi, Sharon. Thanksso much for sharing the link with us!

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Sharon Spry

I am do this next week with my children...here is a printable tree that will work...



It is a hard copy I found in my filedrawer. Sorry I cant point you to a printable source!

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Learning in the Box

Just wondering where you got the tree parts booklet from?


We have 20 students per session and 8 half-day sessions per week.At most, only two at a time woulddo thetree booklet while the rest of the class did other activities of their choice.

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How many children are there in your class?
Do they do their task at the same time as a class?

Mariah Dorn

Do you have a link for the tree pages that go inside the booklet? I would like to print out a copy for my students to make. I LOVE all your ideas and you inspire me to keep my teaching new.


Hi,Kate. The bottom is just blank. My students are ages 3 to 5.

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Neat Idea!


When you take out the puzzle pieces does the bottom of the puzzle list the names of the parts of the tree or is it just blank? The store website doesn't show any of the pieces removed.

What age of students are you doing this with?


Myra Arnold

I love your "tree work". I've noticed that you do so many topics in your group time: poetry, artists, trees, holiday activities, and more. I am a Children's House teacher too and I have trouble fitting so many topics in our group times. (20 minutes/day). I would be interested in a schedule of your day and of your year or month or season to give me an idea of how you fit it all in. -maybe an idea of another post?

Myra Arnold in St Paul, MN

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