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December 16, 2010


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interestingly enough, I just came across Ann's blog this past week through Nadene's Practical Pages blog. And like you with Angie I trust all things Nadene :) I went over to Ann's blog and was blown away. I shown some of her posts to my husband and he was deeply touched as well and has talked about some of the posts we read. which shows how God inspired this woman is - as usually my husband's response to blogs I show him are limited to one word "cool", "neat", etc. Just so you know husband is not unconversational he just doesn't care for blogs or the internet in general. :)

I'm downloading her book to my kindle as well!!!

Daniele @ Domestic Serenity

Yes...Ann's words are a gift to the blogging (and now book publishing) community. I've been reading her for about 3 yrs and the Compassion posts caused our family rethink giving. An inspiration that every family should read!

(I've never commented here, but read often. thanks for all you contribute to the blogging community as well!)

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