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December 15, 2010


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I hope you do consider sponsorship again. It issuch a blessing both ways.Take care and thanks for writing! You are loved by an Almighty God!!

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This is very inspiring. My husband and I used to sponsor a child through Compassion, until her father moved their family outside of the reach of the ministry. It was very sad. It was at a time in my life that I was growing as a person, new wife and step-mom... I didn't write to Kinverli the way I should have. And it was just as we were getting better about letters, and photos, and gifts, that she left the program.

These are beautiful ideas. And I hope to be able to sponsor another child someday, and am inspired to make the relationship a creative and wonderful one.

Thanks for sharing!


Hi, Bianca I just used sticker letters and scrapbook paper to make the namecards. Then I laminated them, but you wouldnt need to do that if you dont have access to a laminator. Hope that helps!

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I sponsor a boy in Tanzania through Compassion.
Can you tell my how to make the namecards?
Is there a website where you can make them?

greetz Bianca from the Netherlands


Neat Ideas! I'm sure they will enjoy them. I love Compassion!


I think your ideas for the letters is very cool. I am getting a laminator for Christmas...yay! I have thought about making a scrapbook for our sponsor child. I would send her a laminated page or so about every quarter. She then could add the pages to the book. The problem is how to keep the pages together. I thought a ring would work great until I read that metal cannot be sent...maybe string? The pages would photos of us, or seasonal photos of our areas...snow and such. Anyway, have you sent laminated pages before? I am curious because I worry that they can not be sent...plastic. I hope you have because this would be great news for us.

By the way... I am glad to see that I won your Compassion giveaway... Christmas bunting garland. I am unable to email you because my email program is not opening up from your email link. Please email so that I can send you my address. ibeeeg(at)gmail(dot)com Thanks...I greatly appreciate it. :)

Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies

What lovely goodies for your kids! :D They will love them!

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