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January 19, 2011


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Thanks for sharing! Ill have to get the dolphins toob so we have all the animals too!

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Great! Im glad you enjoyed it. Thanks so much for sharing. Ill try to check out your link!

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I just wanted to share that I love this book and activity.
I have the arctic toob and found the Narwhal in the dolphins and whale toob.
Now we have all the characters that are in the book!


Hi, Loved this activity! My girls really had fun! I posted a link on my blog about it! Thanks!



Sounds good! Thanks for sharing!

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i set up an arctic animals sensory table today! You gave me the idea, but i changed it. First off I don't have a fridge/freezer in my classroom so it really wouldn't have been practical for me to have ice, but I will remember that for the future. Instead I broke up a big chunk of Styrofoam. I put in some duplo polar bears and penguins and a few seals/sea lions. They're bigger than what you have but the perfect size for our sensory bin. I showed it to the kids today and told them it will be open for use tomorrow, they were sad they couldn't play with it today, but very excited tomorrow. It will most likely get very messy, but I'm excited to see how they play with it.

Kristi @ Creative Connections for Kids

What a great idea for winter!


We made icebergs this week too only our students added giraffes, cow, and dinosaurs to the mix of animals. LOL!


Great, Joy! Im so glad you likedthis idea.

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Great! Im so glad you could find the animals. I am sure it would be veryfrustrating to not have access to the materials you want. Take care,

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Thanks for sharing this. I did this with my 2 children yesterday (21 months and 6 years old). They both loved playing with the ice and the animals that we had. I even added in some bowls of blue colored water and we acted out one of the books that we have recently read. It kept them busy for a long time.


So often, I can't get the materials that American teachers and home-schoolers use. Today, I struck it lucky. I liked this activity and managed to buy the arctic animals for a similar price to the price listed on the site you provided.

Usually, I have to pay a much higher price for the item or astronomical prices for postage or we simply can't access the item (Don't get me started on the jumbo push pins!!). As for dollar stores that sell small, useful items for counting etc.... hopeless.

Anyway, I was so excited to find the arctic animals that I am now putting together a couple of other related activities to compliment this one. Thanks for the inspiration.


They also sell them at Michaels, and I love those toobs. They totally rock. Love your iceberg.


We did an iceberg and penguins activity last year but yours in the blue tray/ocean look beautiful. I'm sure the children must have loved it!

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