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February 04, 2011


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that was my jan. poem! the boys loved it! thank you so much for sharing your poetry ideas. my boys were not liking it and I couldn't figure out how to present it.


Thanks so much for writing. Im glad you are enjoying the blog. Ill have to hop over and check out your blog.
Take care,

To: directress@live.com



I have been reading your blog for a little while and have recently finished reading your archives. Thank you so much for sharing your journey and all of your lovely ideas that go along with it. It has really inspired much brainstorming on my part to find things for my own kiddos to do. Lovely poem, and you're right very simple and short. I just received my pocket chart in the mail. This poem might just work as a good debut poem (as we are some of the ones that have gotten buckets of snow this past week). Thank you again!


What a sweet poem.

Counting Coconuts

This is so lovely. Thanks to you, we've been enjoying a monthly poetry basket as well. You have such wonderful ideas, thanks so much for sharing them!

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