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March 29, 2011


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Great, Olga! I am so glad to hear you found this idea useful. There are so many variations you could use.
Thanks so much for writing!


olga shalman

Thank you so much for great ideas! I am fairly new to Montessori and your blog has been a great inspiration to me. My children loved this work and after they were done with the rainbow I have extended it to a vase with different colored flowers and now we are working on a butterfly. Wonderful!!!


This is a great activity for those children just learning to cut. The 'one snip' to cut through the paper works well. I used thin cardboard for a similar activity as it is a little easier to manage than the coloured paper we have.

If you are interested in other 'one snip' activities, I have worked with my own children to cut up strands of cheap bead necklaces from the dollar shop. They love the sound of the beads falling into a bowl and you can add an element of maths by allowing the children to cut off 10 beads, or put 3 beads in the first bowl, 5 beads in the second bowl etc.

Does that make sense??


Such a great idea!!!! Thanks for sharing!

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