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July 06, 2011


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What a great decision you have made! I am planning to homeschool my 3 children too using the Montessori approach. I also have a child with Down Syndrome and this is what lead me to your blog in the first place! Your thoughts and ideas have been such an inspiration to me and I thank you for taking the time to share them. I can't wait to read your next blog!! I'm sure God will bless you beyond your imagination!!


Thanks for all you do. I really enjoyed your Montessori blogs & am looking forward to your home-schooling blogs. Best of luck, love & peace.


Congratulations on your new chapter! Thank you for creating this treasure trove of ideas, insight, and inspiration. It will continue to be a valued resource for me and my Montessori peers.


Congratulations! Good for you! I have loved reading and implimenting all of your great ideas but I am so happy for you and your family. God bless and enjoy being with your kiddos.


I'm so happy for you! That's wonderful! I will miss over here but look forward to what your new journey and blog with bring!


As a homeschool mom myself, I know how excited you must be as you make plans for this life change. I also am very much looking forward to following you and gleaning more wonderful ideas from you as you transition to being a homeschool teacher. I know you'll love it!


Sad to see you go - but so delighted and happy for you. I started stalking your blog this last year - it has been a help in my homeschooling my boys. It has been filled with great ideas - and I plan to come back to some of your older posts for ideas - ideas that have enriched our education.
Rejoicing for your dream come true!

Terry Von Blon

I totally understand where you're coming from. I wish I could do the same! Hope I can still access your montessori website so I can keep looking up ideas that you have here. Lots of cool stuff and I try to incorporate them as much as I can. Good luck in your new phase!


Look forward to checking out your new blog. All the best! How did you get your blog to be so popular? I just started mine...http://mindfulmontessori.blogspot.com/


How exciting! I've enjoyed reading your blog and appreciated all the ideas for my homeschooled preschoolers. I wish you all the best in your new journey!


Will you be homeschooling in a montessori way? Will there be a new blog or will you continue this one? I've loved reading this blog and hope you will continue it in some form, some place. "A blog devoted to Montessori education with a little bit of this and that thrown in." Sounds perfect for a homeschooling mum!


I have really enjoyed reading your blog and incorporating Montessori concepts into our homeschool. I am looking forward to seeing how you will use Montessori with your kids at the ages they are.


I realize I don't know you, but yet I am still THRILLED for you! I used to be a teacher as well and have been home with my kids for the last 7 years and we also homeschool. So happy you finally get to follow your heart. You won't regret it! I can wait to follow you on your homeschool journey and see what wonderful ideas you come up with for your kiddos. Good luck!

Deb Buckminster

I am SO happy for you and your family!! With the teaching knowledge and experience that you have, you will do WONDERFULLY at home educating your children!!

I home educated our five children for several years and presently maintain a preschool/childcare business in my home. Your teaching strategies and shared curricula have been MOST helpful in my early childhood teaching efforts!!

THANK YOU for so GENEROUSLY sharing with us, your readers and admirers! I appreciate you GREATLY.

May God BLESS you and your family as you BLAZE NEW TRAILS of learning together!!


Congrats!!! I look forward to seeing your new homeschool blog.


Congrats on homeschooling!!! We enjoy it here :) Good luck on your future endeavors & may your approach to homeschooling will be sprinkled with Montessori :)

Our Country Road

What WONDERFUL news!! I'm so excited for you! Your children are going to have a great teacher, and I cant wait to read all about your homeschooling adventures. Good luck and God Bless!!


I wrote this once and missed the security thing at the end, but it is worth coming back again to thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas and instructions with those who used them. I often sent them on to my home schooling daughter...even tho she is also subscribed! Several of your ideas remind me of the years I used the Montessori philosophy as I taught in a public school in Los Angeles 40 plus years ago. I truly enjoyed that time but even more loved staying home with my children. I am so glad that you are now able to do that. Enjoy! It will be another marvelous experience for you and for them! Best Wishes and Thank YOU, again!


Wow! Good for you working so hard to make a desicion that is the best for you family! It takes a strong woman to do that! I cant wait to see your new blog and what you come up with in you school room (which I hop eyou give us a tour of)! From one homeschooling mommy to another, you are going to be great!

Isabel Z

I do not have a way with words so it might be hard for me to express everything that I am feeling right now. I was blessed to be able to stay home with my three children for 16 years so I know that tug in your heart to be at home with your own. I am thrilled that you will be able to experience what I was fortunate enough to be able to do so and that you are realizing your dream. On the other hand, I will so miss your postings about your Montessori classroom. Before having children, I was an elementary school teacher for many years. This year I returned to the classroom as a preschool teacher and your blog has been invaluable to me. You have inspired me in ways that you don't even know and this summer I have been waking up each morning before my children so that I could go back to the first post you ever wrote and have been working my way backwards. I'm up to March of 2010; I wanted to make sure that I had not missed anything this school year! I started monthly files to keep track of all the wonderful activities that you shared that I would like to incorporate into my classroom. I laughed when I realized that it was almost everything:-) It has been such a joy reading each post and every morning when I shut down the computer to start our day, I think of how blessed I am to have found you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for inspiring me and for helping me along the path of my first year back in the classroom. I wish you continued joy and may your new adventure prove to be as fulfilling as your many years as a Montessori teacher.

PS Though I will greatly miss your preschool postings, I look forward to keeping in touch by reading your homeschooling blog. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to share with us all. I know that I am a better teacher and person for "knowing" you.

Sarah Guildea

Glad to see you back :D

You might like my Montessori Facebook page :D


Ivona Brandisova

Best wishes also to you! Good luck and thanks for everything you have shared with us!
Ivona, Slovakia


WOW! I am so happy for you and your family. I can't wait to read what you're doing.


Counting Coconuts

SO happy for you, Laura! I wish you all the best in this very exciting chapter of your life.



I am SOOOO happy for you! :)
I've been a homeschooling mama for a full decade as of this fall--time flies, and being home with one's kids is SUCH a blessing and joy.


Congratulations and welcome to the bright side. Being a stay at home mummy has been and is a joy not to be missed. Even if is just for a little while. I am still slowly sifting through your blog gleaning all manner of ideas and understandings that support my Montessori studies. Of course, I have been wondering where you are but didn't want to keep asking!!

Thanks so much for all your hard work, the detail, the commitment and the integrity of your site have been highlights for me.

Amy@Let's Explore

I wondered what you have been up to! Looking forward to hearing how your homeschooling is going - how exciting! :)

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